Ip Man 3 Definitely More Realistic but not Less Heroic

Martial arts film lovers are having a good treat now that Ip Man 3 is currently under development. As early as now, check for news and updates so that you do not get left behind. High expectations are floating in the air because the first two movies were both internationally successful. Most likely, the team will include producer Raymond Wong, director Wilson Yip and lead actor Donnie Yen.

ip man 3 movie Donnie YenDonnie Yen is known for his portrayal of Ip Man in 2 Ip man movies. It was his signature role that brought him international success, apart from the recognition that the film had achieved. However, fans were disappointed to learn that Yen did not see the possibilities of him being included in the cast for the third Ip Man film. Fortunately, the actor has changed his mind regarding his part in the film.

Apart from that, producer Raymond Wong said that it was not among his ideals to shoot the third film in the coming years. There are still a lot of Ip Man films out in the market and fans should be given time to digest them all. Wong and Yen share the same reluctance to shoot the film. According to Yen, the first two films are good enough and they do not need a part three. A lot of fans wanted to see Yen in Ip Man 3 that is why they were disappointed that Yen does not plan to do it anytime soon.
Yen reasoned out that when a movie becomes successful, everybody wants to jump on the band wagon. On that note, there have been numerous Ip Man movies which are currently under production which Yen found scary in a way that the subject matter becomes over saturated.

Yen said that he will look at the script, though and see how it turns out and then he’d make a decision. There have been rumors that singer Jay Chou will play Bruce Lee. When asked about his say on the news, Yen said that Chou will have to undergo training under him, six months before they shoot the film. That is to make sure that Chou looks convincing during the action scenes. In an interview with CNN, Yen talked about the possibilities of making a third Ip Man movie. However, Yen will be able to begin only after his other projects are finished. He tries to use every acting opportunity to learn to play different characters.

The interview served as good news to Ip Man fans. More than that, there are already enough materials for Ip Man 3. What makes the third film exciting is the introduction of Yip Man’s most promising student and future martial arts master Bruce Lee. Fans may expect the story of the third film to revolve around the relationship between the master and his most famous student.

For those who are not familiar with the story, Ip Man is loosely based on the biography of Yip Man, master of Bruce Lee and master of the martial art Wing Chun. The film revolves around how Yip Man lived in Foshan when the Second Sino-Japanese War was taking place. The film, as well as its sequel, was directed by Wilson Yip, and they were released by Mandarin Films. Ip Man was the first installation of the planned Ip Man trilogy. Ip Man 2 dealt with how the main protagonist worked to spread his advocacy for the Wing Chun martial art. The second movie ended with Bruce Lee’s introduction, giving the audience the idea where the next movie will revolve.

Yip Man’s teaching business was said to be poor because his students stayed only for a couple of months. Due to such circumstances, Yip Man moved his school two times. That time, some of his students became proficient and were able to establish their own respective schools. A few of his students and offspring used to spar with other martial artists to test their skills. Having attained numerous victories, Wing Chun became popular which has increased Yip Man’s reputation. Yip, together with a small number of his students, founded the Hong Kong Wing Chun Athletic Association.

Yip suffered from throat cancer and died on December 2, 1972. Yip lives on in his legacy which is the worldwide practice of his discipline Wing Chun.

At present, we only have little information about the film’s release date, cast, plot details, and the like. All we have at the moment is the center theme that will prevail in the film and that is the master and pupil relationship. The team indeed would love to shoot the film but as it is still in the earliest stages, creators would have to talk about important matters such as casting, script, set, and location. As the main character in the story is older, Yen will be less involved in action parts. That could mean more of Jay Chou (Bruce Lee) in the sequences, but we are not sure about it yet.

To get a glimpse of how the movie will go see the trailer. Official trailer for the first two films are also accessible. You have a good chance to see and grasp how amazing a martial arts movie can be. There have not been martial arts movies for quite a while and it is about time for the audience to get a breath of fresh air. Besides, the main hero in this film is based on a real person - more realistic but this does not necessarily mean less heroic.

An extraordinary film is about the hit your screens in the future so be ready for the amazing Ip Man 3. If you are tired of sloppy remakes and action films that can only happen in your dreams, this movie is just right for you. Different settings, different cultures, different colors; all of it will be present to give a unique movie experience. So do not forget to check for updates as there are surely more to come about Ip Man 3.